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Please see my Facebook page Miranda Howard Dance Artist for current info on classes.


I love teaching dance, especially to children and beginners. Teaching is a way for me to share my enjoyment of dance and offer people supportive and fun ways to explore moving.


I am currently available to teach on a freelance basis, please contact me for further information.


I am a professional member of the Foundation for Community Dance which means I have Civil Liability Protection insurance, and have signed the FCD Professional Code of Conduct.


'The children were empowered to be confident in movement

(Feedback from Foundation Stage teacher)


Feedback from class participants and teachers:


‘The feeling of moving with purpose, cool clean air filling lungs and looking up to the sky! .... Miranda had us all learning new movement activities which will help to build trust among people in our groups. We can also use the techniques when we have kinaesthetic learners. I enjoy a dance with the best of them but this was something almost spiritual. Thanks Miranda’


'I have used the cool down in our own P.E sessions and have continued with the ‘happy feet’ dance. The girls often like to dance freely to this in class!'


'Everyone was encouraged to be involved'


 ‘Excellent ideas for us to use outdoors with children and adults'


'Thank you for all your hard work – thorough planning and ideas'


'Children clearly enjoyed the sessions and working with you. – wanted to continue to dance to music and improve their learning. Parents were happy and interested in what they had been doing'


'It was great to see them joining in and exploring various ways of moving and using their bodies in a controlled way. They responded well to you'

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